The MANA private

Have the luxury MANA all to yourself. We look forward to arranging a trip for you & your friends, family or colleagues. The boat is ideal for groups from 2 tot 25 people. 
Rental MANA: €215,- per hour
Rental MANA from the 3rd hour: €190,- per hour
Minimum of 1,5 hours  

Beverage and food packages

You can choose from a great food & drink selection including a choice of local beers, delicious Gin & Tonic & a variety of other spirits & mixers. Super fresh Sushis, Pizzas, famous Dutch 'Bitterballen' & much more to make your trip complete. Have a look on the menu to see some options. Simply contact us to check availability for when you'd like to go & we'll do the rest!    

Soft Drinks

Drinks Prijs
Cola 3.25
Fanta 3.25
Pellegrino 3.00
Aqua Panna 3.00
7up 3.25
Mana Kambucha 4.75
Ginger Beer 3.75
Tonic 3.25


Drinks Prijs
Heineken 3.5
Heineken 0.0 3.50
Corona 5.00
Weizen 4.75
Brouwerij 't ij Zatte 4.75
Brouwerij 't ij Ijwit 4.75
Brouwerij 't ij IPA 4.75